Persian Wayback Oldschool Dance Party Mix - DJ Borhan

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DJ Borhan's Persian Wayback Music Mix out now on the 360 show on, with 29 of the best Persian music from back in the day.

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Everything from Persian oldies, gheri, rangarang, persian dance, all in one Iranian retro mix.

Old Persian DJ Mix Tracklist:

1. Shahram Solati - Daramet
2. Black Cats - Bia
3. Leila Forouhar - Tapesh
4. Amo - Dele Man
5. Siavash Shams - Nagoo Kiye
6. Shahram Shabpareh - Khejalati
7. Andy ft Korous - Topoly
8. Shahram Kashani - Emrooz o Farda
9. Suzan Roshan - Nafamidam
10. Shamaizadeh - Ba To Bidar Misham
11. Leila Forouhar - Eshghe Taze
12. Leila Forouhar - Chi Seda Konam
13. Shohreh - Tab Omad
14. Shohreh - Salam
15. Shahram Solati - Honey
16. Nahid ft Shahram Shabpareh - Delakam
17. Siavash Shams - Dokhtate Choopoon
18. Shohreh - Aksasho Pare Kardam
19. Shamaizadeh - Bishtar o Bishtar
20. Moein - Zalem
21. Morteza - Anar Anar
22. Moein - Del Shekaste
23. Aref - Dige Dire
24. Suzan Roshan - Nabavari
25. Siavash Shams - Dokhtare Irooni
26. Suzan Roshan - Haghighat
27. Moein - Amon Amon
28. Martik - Boro Divoone
29. Bijan Mortazavi - Majnoon

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