Flava D - In The Dance VIP

Highlighting output from the full Formula roster, f=BASS² is a flag in the ground, representing all the music and artists we’ve pushed over the past few years. Across 15 tracks you’ll find everything from grime motifs through to echoes of dancehall and reggae, hard hitting slabs of bassline house and lovingly crafted UKG.

Formula Records present: f=BASS²
01. Flava D - Home (Champion Remix)
02. Terror Danjah & Zed Bias ft. Olivia Louise - Telepathy
03. AC Slater & Champion - Game of Horns
04. Killjoy - Turnt Ones VIP
05. Flava D - In The Dance VIP
06. Champion - Cannon
07. Hybrid Theory ft.Trilla - Dutty
08. Flava D - Break
09. Killjoy - Most High
10. Terror Danjah ft. Meridian Dan, President T, Hyper & 9 Milli Major - Say What I Like
11. Champion - Iced Tea
12. Terror Danjah ft. Badness - What Would I Do
13. Champion ft. Ruby Lee Ryder - Sensitivity (Flava D Remix)
14. Hayfever - Ground Collapse (Mickey Pearce Remix)
15. Champion ft. Princess Nyah - Crazy

The compilation is released on CD/download 6th April, and is preceded by two vinyl-only samplers featuring Champion, Flava D, Terror Danjah & Zed Bias.

Source by Formula Records UK

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